4 comments on “Stop counting calories: 3 reasons calories are not related to weight gain or loss

  1. Eating too much of anything, especially fat, will build up in excess in the body and turn to fat. When you excercise first you burn carbs, then fat. So no matter what a calorie is a calorie no matter what. I good diet needs to be a balance of carbs, fat and protein along with exercise

    • Stacy,

      I agree that a body needs a balance to survive optimally. In fact, not all carbs are the same either, and having the right carbs with correct timing improves weight loss for those seeking to lose it.

      That being said, I’m not satisfied with your reply; it doesn’t follow. I’m talking about the body’s mechanisms here. Without them, there is no grounds for any conclusion since it’s the body we’re talking about. Could you describe the physical mechanisms by which “eating too much of anything, especially fat” makes us gain weight? I need more than what you’ve given me.

      Saying that because you burn one fuel, then another, does not make the calorie argument relevant. Yeah, both are fuel sources, but where does the body take into account the calories used? Do we measure ATP, triglycerides, glucose, glycogen, ketones or any of the body’s energy sources via calories?

      I’ve never seen any argument that thoroughly supports the calorie arguments. At best they’re tangential to the issue of consumption, at worst, irrelevant.

    • Get healthy and reduce or eliminate carbs in your diet.

      We eat too much because we are sick, not sick because we eat too much. When the body is ill (in certain cases like adrenal fatigue, over-stress, undernourishment), it will shuttle food to fat as a stress response, requiring you to eat more food to maintain. This stress response is the body’s way of staying alive under adverse conditions, but we in the first world won’t undergo those conditions, probably ever. One of the illnesses that does this is insulin resistance, where you need more and more insulin to shuttle glucose into your muscles for energy, which comes about after eating too much sugar/bad carbs/ junk food.

      Carbs stimulate insulin, and insulin shuttles glucose into fat cells and makes them grow. Also, spikes in insulin blunt your insulin response creating insulin resistance or metabolic syndrome. Exersice doesn’t directly influence weight, but can help with insulin resistance and will help you lose wieght when combined with the proper diet. By carbs I mean starchy/sugary fruits, veggies, grains, and processed foods. Stick to meats, beans, greens and fibrous vegetables.

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